Intruction Shadow Fight 3 Guide

The game begins right on the menu where you are supposed to create and customize your character freely, there are several options to choose from. So in this Shadow Fight 3 guide, we will be talking mainly about the appearances differences, to choose from being a male or a female.

Of course, changing the face type, hair styles and hair colors are available options, and each category is offering you about 8 options to choose from. If you ever got bored from the game music, then feel free to turn it off from the top left corner of the screen with a single tap.

And now let’s welcome you shadow fight to the shadow squad, it has been created recently and it is the first of its kind in the whole legion. So you should be expecting to find everything unique and different in there compared to the regular battles and challenges you have seen or been through so far.

Meet new friends at this camp including Gizmo and Serge, they will be there to put you under heavy tests and still show you around how to utilize your skills and get the best out of it.