Shadow Fight 3 Guide

As you advance forward, there will be new skills getting unlocked but before we get deeper into the special skills we have to speak more about the defending techniques and the art of surviving on the battle.

In order to block the incoming attacks, you all have to do is to stand still and every incoming attack will be blocked, but of course as we have mentioned earlier the ultimate ways to overcome the defensive situations, if executed properly will be breaching your defense, so do not depend on it entirely.

Use Shadow Fight 3 hack to have an edge over your opponents and secure yourself a win. Keep an eye on the health bars on the top side of the screen. If your heath is getting to low, then you might want to change the playing technique.

The reward from the hard battles will be satisfying. But there are some tips you might want to put them into consideration. Such as the head hits and activating the shadow ability, these will increase the reward coins by margin. We are pretty sure that your needs for the Shadow Fight 3 hack will still be needed for the ultimate state of the shadow fighter.

The items that are being sold in the store are coming in a form of packs. Each pack will contain some new items and boosters. Purchase the most expensive ones with Shadow Fight 3 hack and become unstoppable on the dueling arenas.