Play Shadow Fight 3


And now we will be starting our first tutorial including the game controls and the different types of attacks which could be applied into the battlefield so far.

Punching your opponent can be done through several ways, moving via the touch pad towards the enemy unit and once you are close enough the time will come to press on the punch button at the right moment.

Now with the other attacking technique which is dealing a lower kick, use this attacking method only if the opponent is having a stable defensive system on the upper part of the body, and that is when you will start thinking out of the box to deal sneaky damage on lower parts.

Drag the movement pad to the bottom and tap on the kick icon. And also in order to break out the defense, you may also move closer to the opponent as much as possible and grab his waist to do some acrobatic move and drop him down to the floor. Find more innovative attacking techniques and also smart Shadow Fight 3 tips system.

And once you are set to go and everything is well understood for you, the time will come to enter some real fight and that is when we will have to introduce you to some greater techniques and advanced methods such as the usage of Shadow Fight 3 hack. But let’s not rush things out.